Purina Pet Insurance headquarters to be located at Concord Property Corporation's 'The Terrace at Concord Park' in San Antonio

Nestle Purina PetCare Co. North America is opening the new national headquarters for PurinaCare Insurance Services Inc. in San Antonio later this week.

Company executives also will introduce PurinaCare, the first pet health insurance under the company’s Purina brand, to local pet owners.

Purina has manufactured pet food for the past 85 years. The company branched off to the pet health insurance industry in order to extent Purina’s commitment to pets and the people who care for them, according to company officials.

More details on the national headquarters will be released on Thursday.

PurinaCare allows dog and cat owners to take advantage of advanced medical treatments that have been adapted for veterinary medicine, including cat scans, MRIs and chemotherapy. Owners that have the proper pet health insurance coverage will be able to have the brunt of these costs covered, much like health insurance for humans.

PurinaCare’s national headquarters are located at 607 E. Sonterra Blvd. in far North San Antonio.