Concord Properties

About Us

In the early years, the Concord portfolio was both geographically and functionally diverse. Properties were held, on the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, the South Eastern United States, and of course, in Texas. Concord functioned both as a developer and an investment partner with local developers who had local knowledge in new, unfamiliar markets. Eventually, Concord ventured into non-real estate ventures, including mining, food service and golf courses.

In the mid-1990s, Concord made the strategic decision to redirect its focus back to the San Antonio market and to primarily concentrate future growth on real estate endeavors. It was at this time that Concord also decided that, except for projects in which it had no development experience, Concord would act as the developer, with or without partners. Philosophically, Concord has steered its efforts towards developing high quality, but affordable projects. Management strongly believes that the best result is not always the most expensive endeavor.

Concord Properties is known as a small, but experienced, high-end boutique developer of commercial real estate with a reputation to hold and manage their portfolio, and not to sell. Quality from the ground up and responsive hands on management, define us. Our tenants are our best references.


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